About Modern Operations: Camden Miller | Strategic Planner


Camden Miller is a strategic planner with 5 years of professional planning experience with an innate ability to quickly structure, frame and employ internal project systems that streamline processes for the management of large complex projects.  

Ms. Miller is a PHD candidate in Urban and Regional Planning focused on community development and neighborhood planning. She holds a Master of Urban Planning from the University at Buffalo with an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation Resource Studies from UC Berkeley, with a minor in Sustainable Design.  

Camden believes that the profession of planning is exceptional in that, in an invisible way, it cultivates every single person, every single day with the ability to strongly influence and alter our quality of life, our natural and built environments and essentially how we come to know and respect our heritage and community we develop ourselves within.  

She is a member of the Urban Affairs Association and the American Planning Association, and recently in April of 2017 she presented at the New York State Preservation Conference on the topic of “Cultural Landscapes.”